As i was  through Roblox some guy sent me a message about a game he made on mediafire he listed 2 links however i tried the first link (virus) i decided to  it when i got to the installer it said that i needed a serial key even if you did buy the game it would still be impossible to  the full version the next button could not be clicked the installer was garbage it did not even work i clicked the second link (Virus) the demo installer has no serial key  i decided to load up the game half of the mechanics in the game were broken the skybox on the startup screen was broken and the menu screen the mouse was so messed up when i clicked new game there was not much there just a dead body and a bloody bed along with a lamp and some  i wanted to search up the game i got a news page about a guy who made a game that hacked your information they also reported that the person who made the game wen't on a killing spree


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