Hello Help! I am dying No I mean We Are Dying Please Help Us............... Heheheheheheheheheeeeeeeehehehehehhe When A Story Ends A New One Begins Eheeehehheehheehheehehhe


I've been playing Roblox for a while and I've stumbled upon something weird a game called "OLD ROBLOX" I thought it was a simulator of old Roblox but I was wrong I looked at the description and it literally said Old Roblox 666 times well not 666 times but it was 666 individual words so I decided to play it and it was the worst ever idea I have ever thought of.

The Game

The game started with a loud screaming and people yelling "HELP!!!" or "I AM DYING!". It finally loaded and I noticed something weird Shed-Shed-Shedletskys arm! I then looked to my left where it came from and I saw his body with blood splatter then I saw the Roblox HQ (Not Both Of Them One Of The Towers) I then walked over to the right of the tower and There was a dead Roblox! and the Sign Was Now "Hell HQ". I walked into the HQ feeling a bit scared so I walked away a bit, then I walked forwards to see a dead Builderman but not his head only his body I could find then I saw what appeared to be another roblox admin with a frightened face and their head was chopped off! (If anyone could solve out who it is please tell me) I also then noticed what appeared to be a head hanging by a rope or noose I guess? I then climbed up the stairs and forgot about it hoping it didn't exist I went back down to see that Buildermans head is hanging from a rope on the ceiling I then went into the office to see a bloody piece of paper I attempted to X out but it didn't work destroying the computer box didn't work destroying the electrical box which I regret didn't work. I then finally noticed the bloody knife that I was holding and I thought "Did I do this? Is someone framing me?" but I then climbed up the ladder and saw poor poor Erik.Cassel The creator of ROBLOX who allegedly died of cancer on the early morning of 2013 Febuary 12th I felt sad that someone would remind us that our creator the creator of ROBLOX has died and I finally found out how he actually died and where he was in this game trapped and dead killed by the maker of this game I then moved on to the last bit and I have found who killed them. The creator of the game himself and I noticed that I looked just like him. like an old Roblox Noob. I pushed him down attempting to kill him for all the things he done nope He popped up again The fourth time I fell down with him but he went back up I then climbed up the stairs not wanting to record anymore so I stopped the recording.


I have noticed that in my monitor the letters H E L P M E and a skull on the right side of it

I have video proof of the game. is the link