So I was playing this roblox damn ass game called murder which is shitty.

I got bored and stumbled over this horror game.

It was called place number- oh well here is the link acutally (i hope its still up)

anyways if you play it its suppost to haunt u or whatever. i played the game not knowing that this was true

i went intothe game to find a dark shadowy figure standing there doing nothing. then the screen popped up with messages

me: what is this shty game

game: I can see you

game: blah blah blah DONT LOOK UNDER THE WATER

me: *looks under the water*


me: wtf

anyways so thats pretty much what happened

the night after i played that i kinda did get spooked so i got spooked and didnt go to sleep, but that was a spoky mistak. i heard some footsteps (thank god it didnt go upstairs asf)

later i fell asleep and died.

the end.

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