This is my first creepypasta, so dont be a turd in the comments.

Chapter 1

It was me, my friend, I wanted to play a game, so I told my friend. He took me to this place called "Chievus" It sounded like a horror game, but I didnt really care.

I spawned in with my friend, he told me to follow him, then he weirdly left after a few minutes. I was confused, so I just continued anyways. Then I heard a really really loud scream. I tried to close the window, but I couldn't. I was stuck inside the game, that meant I had to find a way to get out.

Chapter 2

I shutdown my computer, toke a nap, after that I saw my friend was online, I spoke to him in a party, but he didnt accept. Then his avater picture turned into a question mark. It was a question mark for like 7 minutes. Then his character was black/red. I had no idea you could have your avater like that. But I didnt do that. He accepted the party invite 1 second later. Then he started saying weird things to me. "Ashley" "Die" "Where" and all those stuff. I just pressed the "leave' button. But I couldn't. And the automatic follow was on. So now that my friend's avater was normal ingame. Then the whole screen went red..

Chapter 3

I saw a text called "Chievus" along with a 666 besides the text. So I just decided to put my mouse over the text. It teleported me to a game. I dont know which game, in a dark room. I just walked. Walked. Walked. And walked. Until I heard a stab. I heard a scream. A scream. A scream.. Just like my friends.. I just left the game. Then when I came back to the home page the colors were black and red. Not just black and red. But plain black. And HELL red. Ok, I got so creeped out.. I wanted to buy something. So I went to the catalog, but I saw a new item. Called. "DIE" It costed 666 robux. Since I had 5000 robux, I bought it, it was.. It was a brain. With animated blood. Not just ordinary blood. But hyper-realistic blood.

Chapter 4

If you are wondering this: WHY DID YOU BUY THAT!

Well no, I just saw a question mark on the catalog page. So I heard a sound from the game "Chievus". I heard a knife behind me, then I felt bad pain behind my back. .....................

Chapter 4.5

I woke up in my parent's room, I heard sobbing and crying. The pain hurted so much I kept screaming. My parents called the ambulance. When they came, one pult of their mask, toke out a knife, and my parents tried to stop him. But they couldnt.

Chapter 5

It has been 2 weeks since the ambulance came.

I still play roblox, but rarely.

When I went to play a game on roblox. On the comedy genre, I saw a place with "0 players" and it was on the front page. My first thought were: What the fuck is this?

So I just joined the game. There was a lot of players. ALOT. Like atleast a thousand. I just talked with the players until they died. They were like "WTF" and "OMG". I didnt die though.

Then they got kicked out of the game, and I was the only one remaining..

I heard a creepy singing. The sound of a doll voice..

"Come out and play.." Same thing repeated.

Until I saw this face, eyes cutted. Blood coming from the eyes. And there.. I was like "WHO THE HELL PUT THIS KIND OF SHIT IN A CHILDREN GAME."

I got disconnected, and so did the face. Well, the face dissappeared..

When I went back onto the game it said that the game is under maintenace for now...

Chapter 6

The maintenace message was gone. I thought about if I should play a game. I saw a game called "Funland!" with 1466 players online. "66" I thought about it, I didnt care anyways, So I just joined the game, it was a normal game, a message on the screen saying "Have fun!" I saw a player called "funguy123" I walked to him, then he pulled out a sword, and killed me, it didnt do the wo death animation though.. There was a hole in my player's chest. Right there... I respawned, then all the players just disconnected except for me and funguy. I was just relieved that I wasn't alone. But then, the game shut down..

End for now.