It was Friday night around 7 .I had been working on homework for hours , and I needed a break so I started playing my favorite game ROBLOX. I played a few games Prison Life vs2, Elemental Wars, ROBLOX Highschool, and some other games. None of them were right, so I thought about calling it a night, when an unknown user texted me, and told me about this new game that came out. I asked them who they were and they told me they were working for ROBLOX and they had a new game that they wanted me to try out. At first I was shocked and I asked them why they chose me, and they said that I had been playing a lot of games, and that I was pretty good at them so they wanted to see how I did on their game . I asked them why they had been watching me and they sounded like they got angry because they replied, "Do you want to play the game? You'll get free robux hahhahahahhhahh loolallalalalalall poopdeypoopshammalamamamma


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