To begin, my name is Joshua Dopple, Weird name, I know

Currently I am at the age of 16. Race, caucasian. I have a freckle at my nose, my hair is black. The hair style is showing my forehead, and my forehead is covered in scars after the years of my scraping pimples off. I currently do not have any so called friend, it is much more fitting to call them my classmates my teacher paired me up with. Also, my dad abandoned me at birth and my pet dog died in one of my birthdays. My arm is unfortunately cursed with a muscle problem that doesn't cripples my hand writing and basic movement at the joints, as a result this reflects on the quality on my typing as I can only type with one arm (I admit that saying "I type with one one hand" sounds suggestive and dirty when people hear it). My mother works at a restaurant. I like Aesop Rock, Foster the People, Queen, ELO, Yes, and King Crimson, although I like some of those bands only because they were mentioned in JoJo's Bizarre adventure, the rest are the result of hearing them so often on the radio.

Alright, that seems enough. I am very thankful for you listening to this.

Anyways I knew a guy named Chuck when I was around about 10. He didn't come to the same school as me, or lived in the same neighborhood. And as far as I know I never met him in the streets when I was inside of my mother's car. Really, I only knew indirectly, through this game, Roblox. Of course as a 10 year old I was one of those kids who asks for everyone for friend requests, not even bothering to converse with them. And it wasn't like if they did accept the friend request our relationship would get any more genuine. I met Chuck like that. Our relationship never exactly flourished, it was in the nature of both of us following each other in servers while never talking to each other at all. In fact I never realize that he joined unless I saw the leader board with the friend icon next to his name, just seeing the name itself does not help me recognize that he was on my friendlist.

Now after some few years, I quit the game, not because I grew away from it but because I had to move away to a new state, Idaho. At least for 5 years I had not touched the website because of this. Eventually I did return for the sake of boredom, and logged in to my account. I noticed that once I logged in that there was a message. The message was of course from Chuck, it had the subject: "Look I know that we haven't talked for a while".

Interested I opened the pm. The Body was written like this


Allright i am sorry, but i need your help not much for money but just read through this thing. please do not cllose this as a friend i need you to read this. alright i met you for somewhereabout 8 years ago and we never really had known eachother so i should begin.


After there it was him just describing himself and his usual business. I cut this part of the pm out mainly because it also contained very personal information, including his username and password of his account. However nearly at the end, there was this written.


Alright, I told you this because my fingers are slowly disappring. Or more specifically i've been under some magic or something i dont understand yet. so far i have only 4 finders to type with, 3 on my left and one on my right. i just lost them this month, and everyoneis acting so wreid as if they dot know me. even my parents pushed me out of my house thinking i was a theif i hve no ideawhat is going on. i am beginning to lose my stuff in my room with my fingers too. i even think i am starting to become pale. crp i lost al f y fnger on my letf hand. k i need to te3ll you qiukly that i need you to remember me, anmd go in to my accoumnt and take allof my stuff, places or modelsa and keep it in yur accont. sorry fo the bad tping but i dont have time. tyr to do something before i disappr compltely.

sory i have to go


I immediatly thought it was a joke of course. I mean I did randomly friend requested people where ever i played so it might as well be true that this was a weak practical joke just to unnerve me. There was a youtube link at the bottom of the message: a video with another link in the video description. That link sent me to another website. It was crudely made, with bad fonts for the words, and outdated gimmicks within the website. Creepy, but other wise it looked like an amature designed it. I can't give the link because I forgot to save it on my book mark.

I mean... I get it is a joke, probably Other wise I downloaded the models by him in to my computer and placed them in my own place.

Later on only after a day later I became curious to go to the website again and went to read the pm of Chuck's message. It wasn't there, apparently it got deleted. At least I thought so, I didn't know you could delete pms. I then went to his profile to message him for the website link again.

His account wasn't there. I guess by this point he got himself banned and got his account removed, not sure what for. I then just remembered that I could have looked in to my search history on my browser to find it.

I looked into my histoy to realize that it was gone completly. It might have been because I viewed the website on incognito so that if it turns out to be a video of something heavily illegal I won't have that visible in my history. Except I don't remember that happening.

Alright, this is where I end for now. I thought this creepy and would interest you guys if I had written this on this website. While I do understand that writing here destroys my credibility of the story, I wnted to have this known to only few people, and the few people who might be interested in a story that is at a tangent to Roblox. Now the reason I am writing this on this website is because I realized two things

I don't have a year left, and Chuck really did disappear, except for the memory I have of him.

I am not sure what happened but for some reason he was entirely forgotten, even when I contacted his friends on Roblox the didn't even know who he was. I got to a point that I nearly accepted the fact he did get his existence erased off of the world. But I remembered this. the model by Chuck I saved on my place. And when I checked on Roblox studio, the place I kept it in was gone. It was an empty base plate, nothing on it, nothing hidden. I even took a look at my save files. Nothing. 

So I concluded that he didn't exist any more by that point, unless he managed to removed every trace of his account including his built models, and payed his friends to screw with me. 

I still presistently try to recover the models, but so far no progress is made. 

I also suspect that what ever happened to me, happened to Chuck, and what ever occured is a force that is unrelated to Roblox. 

Recently, I began losing my tooth. And not in a way of tooth decay or it falling. My gums surface became  rounded without teeth, with no holes for the filling. It was like my tooth came out and it healed within a night. This, and it might be a coincidence, but my new pet cat disappeared, my money in the locked piggy bank was empty with the lock number changed back to its default setting, and the room that were added during the renovation of my house began to become walls without anything beyond it. 

Now, I am starting to be a little paranoid, I want to keep my cool, but I want some assurance. And this is why I made this story on this website. So you can remember me. Please, I don't want to cease to exist if what ever is happening is real. So please to god, do something so you won't forget. Or at least try to remember this phenommenon so that someone could find a way to fix it. I fear that it is too late for me, and if what I believe is true, you, the reader, could be too.

Because I could conclude in some theories

  1. The process of slowly disappearing could begin from viewing the website. This is the reason why I avoided posting the link of the website or any detailed description of it on here, I fear that this will affect you too if you view it and if there is too much detail of the website someone's curiosity would lead to find it and spread it to other people.
  2. The process of disappearence begins once you read a message from another person suffering from it. And I am sorry for you if this is the case, but if this is true then the website is just explaining the phenomenon to those suffering to it. The apparent rushed production of the website can be a proof of this.
  3. This has been occuring to everyone and we didn't notice, that's because whoever is under the influence is forgotten out of history, as well as the evidence of their existece.

Again, I hope people would understand this exists. People can disappear at anytime, and we need to do our best to combat this by remembering them.