It was a normal day. I logged into ROBLOX like I usually do, and I went to the games page.

But something caught my attention. There was a game with a completely white screen as a thumbnail called "Place".

It only had 1 player on it while all the other front page games had THOUSANDS. Had to be some sort of glitch, since the place was in Popular.

The place had 1 visit, possibly the visit from the person playing it.

I decided to click on the game out of curiosity and I saw that the creator's name was glitched up. Its full username was a bunch of mashed up symbols that ROBLOX doesn't even allow you to put into your username. I checked the creator's join date and it said "1/1/0001".

I said to myself quietly "The heck? ROBLOX didn't exist even slightly near that long.. It's probably some glitch, but the name.."

I decided to join the game, and it was completely empty. It was just a baseplate with complete nothingness. How did it reach the front page anyway?

I thought it had 1 player, so I checked the max players. It said 2.

I checked the place's servers, and it said the creator was in the server.

I immediately clicked back on the ROBLOX window, and I turned my camera behind my robloxian.

I just noticed he was there, and it suddenly added his name to the playerlist RIGHT as my camera saw the first pixel of his avatar.

He started running at me with a sword, and he ran in front of me.

He just stood there right in front of me holding a sword.

I tried to check my party that I already had with my friends, but it was gone.

Easily knowing my friends' usernames, I typed one of them into the "Enter username" box.

But what caught my attention REALLY MUCH, is that the textbox that appears that would normally say "User is in another party." or "User is not accepting invites." appeared after I typed his name.

The textbox strangely said "User (The username I typed) not found."

What!? I know my friends' usernames by heart, and they don't exist!? I was REALLY pissed off at that point.

I typed another friend's username, and the same result popped up.

After 2 minutes of typing in random names (Like "poop", "noob", "hello", or "awesome"), the browser froze.

It automatically closed itself and went back to ROBLOX.

This time, I was stuck in a room with 2 openings.

I looked and there was one opening on each side.

I was relieved to see that I could explore the rest of the place, but as I pressed "W" and "A" at the same time to walk into the left door..

My walkspeed was at 0.

I couldn't move or jump, and I noticed that there was a ceiling of spikes, slowly closing in to the ground.

I saw the creator, but as I looked at his scrambled name, it turned into "Noob" a second later.

He walked into the room and said ".tisiv ruoy deyojne uoy epoh I"

I tried to read the backwards text, but the spikes were falling faster everytime I took a peek at that chat bubble.

As it disappeared, the spikes just suddenly dropped and ROBLOX crashed.

I closed ROBLOX finally, but I noticed a file on my computer...


I couldn't remove it or do anything with it, the file always remains in my computer..


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