'Hello, this is myiggywanna here, I have had a strange experience on roblox today, him, the username of nogutsnoglory153... It sorta haunts me thinking of it, if you look him up he is a real user and you guy's should see this as a warning on why not to follow him or friend him on roblox, if he follows you well... Ignore him, he will do no harm, just god sake do not allow him to friend you.... I am telling the truth here... I looked up random things online and found his user... Seriously, I looked up nogutsnoglory for some reason in the people list and I found HIM, I have not experienced anything more creepy, his game was normal but the look on his face... He plays murder mystery 2 most of the time but.. I have been friends with some of his users he has abused before, HE HAS DONE THINGS NO USER CAN DO NORMALLY, NOT EVEN STUFF BUILDERS CLUB PEOPLE CAN DO! God sake do not allow him to control you too, I am warning everyone here NOT to friend him or allow him to friend YOU, I do not want people to nearly get killed by him in roblox, he is a really good player but he is the most creepiest and terrifying player out there today, I have a theory: He is satan (I am jking with this one) No but really, I have no idea who he is but god dang he is weird, he has terrorized my friends and I want you to try to terrorize HIM, I am 100% saying to try to destroy him online, do not dox him or anything cause that is going WAY too far, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME! I have a link for his profile page but if he does not exist for you then... Oh jesus I do not know, maybe he is banned for doing the things he does, I am saying he is a guy cause the way he acts online... OH GOD HE JUST MADE A FRIEND OH SWEET JESUS! Please help this user, my friends have unfriended him before and it works perfectly, JUST GOD PLEASE DO NOT FRIEND HIM! I do not want anyone to be terrorized by this beast of a robloxian, I will try to get faze_chickens to send me what is happening to her... Ok she sent me what has been happening 

nogutsnoglory153 (ngng153): you know who i am

Faze_Chickens (F_C): who r u?

ngng153: your nightmares


F_C: id taht u?

ngng153: yes.


What he looks like

F_C: plz stop tthiss

ngng153: your pain will never stop until you U N F R I E N D M E

Oh jesus faze must be having a terrible time... Please, stop looking at this page and GO HELP HER! What are you still doing here? I am trying to help her not trying to make her terrified by him, please go now (END)