I am really scared of this.This is the scariest freaky game I've ever encounter.Enjoy!Months before I joined the wiki.I was playing zombie tsunami with a guest and 2 other people I don't know.I was bored because the thing glitches and one was spawning.So I left.I went to the front page.One game captured my eyes the most.The game was called No chances!The thumbnail was pretty cheap!It was a stickman shooting another stick person.There was no desc!The game was a comedy game.That's where the game went wrong.I entered.There were blood everywhere.It said"liar!"This was nowhere near close to being funny.So I pressed x.It left.Then it reentered the game.I was like ??.I kept pressing x until finally it stop reentering the game.I got a message!It said I wouldn't do that if I were you!

Days passed by ever since all those things happened.I went on roblox.My messages were filled.It was all from a user called you!The message were obey us!You can't get away!The rest were just gruesome!I was teleported onto a game.It was no chances.He said complete the game.I started playing the game.The goal was pretty simple.You had to assassinate a stick man.I found the stickman stuck on the roof.I shot the stickman in the balls to amuse myself.The next goal was run!I was like"...". Then I began to run. I look behind.It was you! He said"You better run"! You have no chances! I kept running,but I got slower each second then he caught up to me and said"You never chnces on my game. I died! I was back on my normal roblox page. I searched up the game! There was no result! When I returned back to my roblox homepage,I got a message it was from You! He said"you're lucky!" You will never find me!"Bye bye!" I was freaked out!

So warning to everybody:If you come across a game named No chances! Message me on roblox. My character name is s8738230. You can also message me on my joshgaminghmy account.Thank you!

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