3 stories and still not the end I'm already going mad from my experiences when will the horror end

ok a few weeks ago more insane stuff has happened I can't take this anymore its...its No Longer Available

of course all my other stories were dumb and full of clichés but this one may be my last because I might quit roblox after this

Chapter 1:it all started one day when a game called Melvin was created you may know the Melvin story

Chapter 2:I went to play the Melvin game since I was curious about it

Chapter 2.5:I played the game it was nothing but a endless maze when I got far in the maze the screen was filled with pop ups that showed the Melvin hat and my robloxian was screaming as well after a few seconds the game crashed and it returned to the game page

Chapter 3:The game freaked me out I couldn't sleep at all the only thing I could think about is that Melvin shaggy

Chapter 4:I finally fell asleep after 4 hours but I was still tired when I woke up that Melvin shaggy is still stuck in my head I couldn't get it out I needed to go to school anyways

Chapter 5:After school I decided to play roblox again I was playing The Underground War but after 10 minutes I saw Melvin in the chat he whispered to me:Hello there Thanks For Buying My Hat: I was confused so I exited the game and I was shocked when I looked in my inventory I saw the Melvin shaggy and the description said: No Longer Available: I was so scared I turned off my computer and went to bed

Chapter 6:It was Saturday so there was no school but I didn't want to play roblox anyways so I went outside after a minute of being outside I saw Melvin inside my house I was terrified that a virtual character from a freaking game was in my house I stayed outside because I didn't to go inside because if I did who knows what would happen to me

Chapter 7:I went back into my house and I didn't see Melvin at all when I did but my computer was on even know it was off when I went outside I looked at my computer only to find out that all the games on my recently played list were the Melvin game I had no choice but to play it

Chapter 8:The game was different instead of a endless maze it was the roblox HQ place but the only colors in the game were red and black (cliché only time I'm putting this)

Chapter 9:Walking around the place I noticed that there were dead bodies all over the place they all had black skin and they were covered in blood it wasn't hyper realistic it was just cartoony blood it was a bit realistic but not that realistic soon I saw Melvin on the bottom floor he was following me I ran but he was faster

Chapter 9.5:When Melvin caught me the screen turned black and red letters popped up on the screen it said:No Longer Available:it stayed there for 5 minutes until it went back to my home screen roblox was gone from my computer when I went to the website i found out i was IP banned from there I was confused

Epilogue:After I found out I was IP banned I went to play on my tablet only to find out that the roblox app was gone from my tablet so I went to the play store to reinstall but I couldn't because my tablet version couldn't install it so it's the end of my Stories since I can't play anymore it was time for me to go do other things but I couldn't get those words out of my head

No Longer Available No Longer Available No Longer Available No Longer Available

The end?

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