*What your about to read is absolutely true, I even have recorded proof, And I will soon post it onto Youtube.*

6/07/2014, Early Morning:

I was looking around ROBLOX, Looking for anything interesting to play. When Suddenly, A friend of mine (neeper34) Parties me.

He tells me about something that happened to him at The Tempest, A User Named "NoliXD" Had used some very strange exploits at the place.

He apparently caused the sky to go red, And he wanted me to see if it would happen again, So I joined the game with me and we messed around, I was getting this all on tape also, Just incase anything happened.

About 2 recordings in, Someone named "ShadowKnightDZ" Joins, And some strange things begin happening, He started sending and canceling FRs to me faster than any human could do it, I thought he was exploiting, So I called him out, Except he said he wasn't doing it, This ended up with me very confused, But after awhile he left, And someone came to help us. "chief98".


NoEntry's look

3 Recordings in, "NoEntry666" Joins, We start freaking out for a second, We had no idea who this was, He didn't talk for about 5 seconds, But after those seconds, He said this:

"Goodbye Tempest"


The sky then turned red, The skybox started spinning super fast, We where all freaking out, cheif Though he was Noli, But me and neeper thought Differently. He then dissapeared, Except, He was still on the leaderboard.

Sometime later, Some other Myth Hunters join us, We tell them what happened.

But after some stupid rave parties (No seriously) , We noticed some Non-Myth hunters joining.

I then checked the front page, To see NoEntry666's Game is Number 4 on the Games page.

The place at one point got to 10k visits, It was insane, But soon after he reached 10k Roblox shutdown all the servers, And Tempest ones, Afterwards NoEntry666, Changed his desc of his game to this:

"This is a testing simulation for the next-gen of roblox."


He may of wanted less ban time, So he could strike again, He did end up with only a 1 day ban.

Or, ROBLOX May of been covering it up?

I'm not to sure, But it looks like he isn't returning anytime soon.

I'm now off to making The Mashups of the clips, I'll update this post when it's done.

THE END For now....

Update: 8/29/2015

I've finally got the video up on Youtube, And after re-watching the footage, I think I have found the answer.

ShadowKnightDZ is NoEntry666, Watch the footage yourself to see.

NoEntry666 Footage

NoEntry666 Footage

Note: I was pretty new to ROBLOX at the time, Prepare for some cringe moments here and there.

Update: 9/3/2015

I found a strange file on my ROBLOX Studio, Called "output_noentry", I'm deleting the file after I post it here.

Output noentry

I'm not to sure how this got here anyway, It says it was last updated the day after I posted the YT Video.