Nightmare by SPQRCreepyWiki

Roblox was a good childhood game that i'd played since 2009 it was a great game in my opinion. Now in 2015 it was ruined with updates but I still play it, liking FNAF I found a FNAF Roleplaying game and pressed play waiting for it to load.

Upon entering it I saw suits lined up with one other guy walking around, strange I thought due to only me being on the players list. I shrugged it off and was about to exit when the guy said "Don't leave me" he said I replied "Sorry bro I want a bigger server"

He said "Follow me then leave" Humoring him I followed him to a teleporter to the Kids house in the game "So what do you want" I asked " you're special child, I've killed many here in this... Nightmare" I thought what the who is this guy? "Hold up" I replied "Lol you killed kids in a game nice logic oh also nice RP but I'm gonna go now"

He just walked around the kids room then told me "Think this is petty Roleplaying?" "Wake up you foolish child get out of this Nightmare"I laughed then replied "XD I'm clearly awake" "Wake up!" I said "IM AWA-" Everything turned black...

I woke up in my bed "How?" I said "This is impossible" I got up and outside my door I saw a Shadow then something formed "You not you please leave me alone" I warned you child it said and you mock me make this easier I sprinted at it and jumped to the side ran down my stairs with it on my trail I could here the whispers tempting my to give up.

I grabbed my knife and waited for it to come down " STAY BACK" I yelled crying "Foolish child it replied just give up" Then i thought Wake up.. Hmm this better work. Then I stabbed myself and there I was on my bed again. I jumped up off my bed and released it was all a Nightmare I smiled then walked downstairs. "It's not over you will pay" I jumped a little then calmed down "Until next time"

End, By SPQRCreepyWiki first story every so tell me your feedback!

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