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This pasta is fake, but the game and the user is real.

The Pasta

My name is NewBuildmini. I live in Russia and it was daytime for USA. It was night in Russia that time; it was around 21:00 when this happened. I was surfing the ROBLOX website, playing games with CarlPIandog (my friend), building in ROBLOX Studio - doing what an average player would. Then I got a message from SmiIe_y whom I think is a random user. I had my messages on followers only and he wasn't my follower, so I thought: How is this possible? The message read this: "C0M3 T0 TH15 GAM3:". I skyped Carl on Skype and we entered the game. It had a small black room with a spawn block, and a white head with blood splattered on its eyes and a normal default smile. The head followed every move. There was also a weird door which led to a creepy hallway that had pictures of mutilated children - most of them are on the railway. The last picture was disgusting - it had feces and a person mutilated in it has feces on the mouth. I wasn't disgusted of blood but of poop, I went to the bathroom sink and threw out. After that, we left the server. I got another PM from the same user: "THANK5 F0R V1S1T1NG MY GAM3." The next day, me and Carl went there again, but there was no longer the hallway but a wall. Then I saw a reflection on my monitor. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT 2 DO GUYS HELP ITS ATFTER ME NO NOO NONONO

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