Neverlookagain is the name of a user who goes into random games and asks users if they want to help him with his farm, people who have claimed to see him say that he will ask other questions upon doing so. If the player who has been asked says yes and follows the user (Neverlookagain) to his garden, supposedly the user will not be seen again. Or in other words, never look upon the garden and what he sees inside with the user (Neverlookagain)

It is not known weather the user will be banned or their account will be removed entirely but some say there will be no effects at all.

User Neverlookagain's place is a grass baseplate with an outhouse, a normal house, a scarecrow and a farm. A teddy bear can be found and what also appears to be people doing a ritual around a tall wooden pole. On entering the house the player will be trapped inside, and furniture will appear after an [x] amount of time. If the game is played without the user (Neverlookagain) there will be nothing inflicted on the player, as proven by many people playing the game and nothing going wrong with their accounts.


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