Ask any Robloxian from 2006 and they should know who Neelay is and they should be able to awnser.

neelay apparently was a account created in 2007 by a kid named neelay blue. He was famous/popular around the players of the time and had lots of friends. He died one day in 2008 because of cancer and everybody missed him. Even the mods at the time, so they decided to create a hat called NEELAY in his honour. It was basically a Roblox visor called NEELAY (Or something like that).It was deleted moments later for unknown reasons. Some say his ghost was angered and some say he deleted it himself. Then strange things started happening on his account. He started talking on unknown languages and had a strange look in game. According to a 2006 user his entire right side was transparent in game and he had hats that didn't exist at the time, so the mods deleted his account. As many times as the mods deleted his account it just kept popping back. The most current NEELAY account is just neelay. It is said once a year the neelay hat shows up on featured for 10 mins. Anyone who buys it vanishes.

here is a pic taken in 2013.

It is rumored once a year a server with exactly 10 players will be chosen and one player out of the server will be selected and teleported to a pitch black game with nothing but multiple NEELAY hats floating around. The player will be unable to X out or leave the game.The player will then crash and if the player looks in his inventory he will have a hat called NEELAY hat in his invetory and the account would be deleted days later. The player never heard from again. It is also said that once in a while his game will change to a red place called unnnamed telling his story.

sorry if I had any grammar mistakes I'm on iPad and autocumcuber messes me up sometimes.

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