Hello, I am Mercury Suigin. I play ROBLOX every second I get and have the username of AgentEditor01. Upon playing one of the admin's games - which is Natural Disaster Survival - I decided to stop playing ROBLOX and move onto other big games like : Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Overwatch and much more. Why did I stop playing ROBLOX, you may ask. I'll tell you why. Here's my experience on Natural Disaster Survival, or should I say, Natural Demonic Survival.

Chapter One : The Murder Machine

Now, as any normal game, I booted up the launcher and played away. However, the game had shut down, but that was due to a new update - the MULTI-UPDATE one. It had a new weather machine, which I found quite enjoyable. A guest later joined. I noticed the new look on Guests and decided to walk up to the male guest and compliment his outfit, despite me knowing that Guests cannot reply. In some strange hellbent way, the Guest replied with, " Why thank you, your outfit is quite good as well. " Two players - male and female - decided to make fun of me because of me taking interest in the Guest's clothing. The round started and it was a double disaster. One disaster started immediately and several players died, each having a unique and disturbing death animation : faces imploding, stomachs being ripped apart, ripping out tongues, poking out eyes, it was terrible and I had the urge to puke. Only four people remain in the round : the Guest, the two people making fun of me and I. Despite the Guest getting sucked into the tornado, he still lived. Suddenly, Guest lifted his hand and aimed the tornado at the two people that made fun of me. Once they died - both died with the normal death animation, the round ended. Some players left and some stayed, most of them wanting to record it. The weather machine was stained with blood and had a chimney like pipe that was spewing out organs, bones, and ROBLOXian body parts. This is when I decided to boot up OBS Studio and quickly shook my mouse to the record button - lots of goosebumps coating my body.

( I shall finish this later for I am very tired and am clawing up on my brain fruit. Leave your ratings in the comments below and I'll reply, thanks. - Joshua / Mercury )