I was sitting at my compter, looking at some things to do for my channel. I saw this game called "Roblox". I wondered why i haven't saw this games before. I downloaded it to computer and stared my account called "Aleahpony". I got a message from my cousin Hailey told me to join a game and saw a game called "DONT JOIN PLEASE". I didn't pay attention to the name and played it. When the world loaded, Nothing was there, Except a player. His/Her name was Narlight. I went up to the player, he looked at me. I asked him "Wheres all the players? It said there was 463 players on!" He said "WHYDIDYOUJOIN?!DIDNTYOUSEETHEDANGTITLE?!". I paused and said "My cousin Hailey told me to join this. Where is she?" I asked. "Hailey? Oh she died." "I thought you could just respawn..." i said in the chat. "R-Respawn? Not die in the game. I mean dead IN REAL LIFE" Said Narlight. I was shocked and grabbed my phone and texted Hailey "Hailey are you there?" "ALEAHPONY I SEE YOUR CONSERN ABOUT YOUR COUSIN..." Said the text. "..." I responded "Who is this! I demand to know now!" "Narlight..." The text said "I told you shes-" Quickly before Narlight could finish typing, I muted her. And then I realised im still on roblox. As quick as I could, I left the game.

The next day, While checking roblox games out, I got a friend request from a person named "6Daniel6Plays6Roblox" I accepted him and he messaged me to go to his World/Home. I told him i'd go on in a minute. He responded with a "6". I was confused and i went to his world. When I joined all I saw where body parts... And a text from someone that said "Dont worry just look behind you <;}" I looked behind be and saw a girl who said "Do you wanna help me?..."

News: Narlight is not an official player (I hope). I hope at the end you knew i died in real life by Narlight. Heres a secrwt, Narlights real name is Ryleigh And im planning to make Narlight 2