Thursday, July 2nd 2015... Was the beginning of the Worst day of my life. And Here's how everything began for me..

I was playing a game with my friends for 2 hours for the moment. We started talking about how we were gonna troll people for about at least 8 minutes. And half of my friends wanted to troll people in Club Sanity. So they dressed up as trolls to get ready to go to the place. But before i can even put on my trolling suit, i saw a person, arguing and teasing another person. They both looked like new people from 2008, but they were dressed up as a mashup of new people from 2007 and 2015. So i came up to the both of them and saw them arguing. But the other person was spamming, "Blood, blood, suicide" over and over again. I couldn't understand what the other person was talking about. Blood Blood Suicide? Was he talking about something else, or he wanted the person who was teasing him to commit suicide. I was Literally confused over what he said. SO he repeatedly continued spamming Blood, Blood Suicide.... Then 5 seconds later.... he left the game. I was cringing. Then the person who was teasing him told me this, "Whatever you do, don't follow him. Don't make contact with him. He is Null. NOTHING At all!!!!!" I said to him "What do you mean nothing at all?" He replied "He is nothing. He is worthless. He doesn't belong in this world. Mark my words, If you go near him, ROBLOX, will be the last game you will ever play in your life." I didn't want to believe him. He was probably lying. 9 seconds later he said "Beware NuLL", leaving the game with a Angry smile emoji. I was like, "What the hell?". So i went back to my friends and told them i'll come back to them soon. But they told me don't leave because they will all go to a Noob place. So i went with them. And when i saw the thumbnail, i saw nothing but a red background. Then, the thumbnail went to another background saying "Do not Enter this game". But i went straight to the game anyways. When i entered the game, the place had a dark red sky spinning around and around. It was a small terrain with a hospital and a house. So my friends joined, and they were all excited to be in the game. I just ignored them and went inside the house to explore. And once i went inside.... I saw blood everywhere. I even saw a dead person with a knife on his head. And his full entire head was bleeding. I didn't say anything. Nothing at all. Then i saw a basement on the house. Inside the basement was worst than the outside of the house. It was a full load of blood. And then.... i saw dead bodies on the floor everywhere and dead bodies hanging from the ceiling. I said to myself, i can't be here. So i left the house, and went to find my friends. And when i checked the leader board, they weren't there anymore. They all left the game leaving me behind. And there i was feeling lonely. But the thing was.. I wasn't alone. My name was on the Leader board, but i saw a name saying NuLL. I so tried leaving the place, but i wouldn't let me. I went to the menu and clicked "Leave Game", but i couldn't leave. Then, i was teleported to the user. Then what showed was a player that couldn't load. The character was Grey. then 14 seconds later.. He turned Pure Black. Then a message showed up on my screen saying, "Beware NuLL". Then my friend's character showed up. And he Spammed "NuLL" Over and over again, for 14 seconds. Then he stopped. He just stared at me, for at least 7 seconds. Then my screen started glitching. And the glitching got worst. My screen was glitching for 10 seconds, Then, the NuLL person, went back to black, and was heading right towards me. I tried walking, but i couldn't move. Then he came in faster and Faster and FASTER. And my screen started glitching horribly. Then he went right towards me, and my computer screen just showed Static for at least 12 seconds. Then the power of my house went off for 8 seconds. I turned the power back on. My heart was beating quickly. So i turned my PC Back on and the second i turned my PC On there was an Error that said this "Error: PC Failed to Startup Error Code: 0x402NuLL005. I've never seen that kind of Error code in my life. I've started saying to myself "Null?". So 16 seconds later... My PC went back to normal. I Logged in to my user and then suddenly........ My PC Background changed. Just a second when i logged in, my other background wasn't there anymore. I'm all like "What the hell is this?". I was literally scared to death. And then, i just realized there was a message on my background saying "Beware NuLL". My heart is beating really fast as i look at my Computer screen. Then i saw my computer Icons. They look like if blood spattered all over. Then my icon's names were "NuLL" I went back to my browser and then my browser picture changed. I started breathing heavily. The Picture said "Fear NuLL". I just ignored it and went back to ROBLOX. Once i went back to ROBLOX, My character was black. And all of my friends are gone. Just a plain 0. Then, when i found my place, the title of my place said "NuLL". Even the description said "NuLL". I've joined my game, and when my game loaded, the Sky Box said NuLL. And there was blood all over my place. And there was a sign saying,"The last game you play will be the last."

I tried leaving the game, but i couldn't. Then, NuLL appeared on my screen, saying "Leaving so soon?" NuLL has Hacked admin in my place. He Jailed me. I said to him "LET ME GO!!" And he said "I'll let you go...... When you die." I said to him, "What did i ever do to you?" NuLL did not reply back. I've should had listened to the person who was teasing the other guy, saying, " "Whatever you do, don't follow him. Don't make contact with him. He is Null. NOTHING At all!!!!!"."Mark my words, If you go near him, ROBLOX, will be the last game you will ever play in your life.". So then, when i remembered what he said, i just realized, the person that he was teasing......................... Was NuLL. He just has a different user name. I thought he was a person who needed cheering up, so i wanted to follow him. But thanks to my friends, they stopped me. But when they arrived at the place...... i thought it was a silly place, until all my friends left, and i met NuLL for the first time. Now i officially regret following someone who said "Blood Blood Suicide". 20 seconds later.. NuLL Released me from Jail. And he was coming towards me, with a knife. I tried moving but i couldn't. When NuLL went towards me, he said this right before i crash. "BEWARE And FEAR NuLL". Then he went towards me and i crashed. My screen glitched so bad. Then after that, my screen just said, "NULL" Then a Static Jump Scare comes up, and then crashed my computer. The power of my house went off. I couldn't turn them on. So the power stayed shut for the least of 7 days. No internet, Nothing. So, 7 days since the power went off, I've never went on ROBLOX. When the power went back on, i went back on ROBLOX. My account was Deleted. So i had to make a new one. Luckily, i have my all my friends's skype. So when i created my new account, i bought everything back that was deleted. I added all my friends back again. And I've never saw NuLL......Again in my life. But since that day, i still have nightmares from NuLL. NuLL Will still haunt me in my dreams since that day ever happened. After i never saw NuLL again, everything went back to normal. And I've officially got my peace. But i will still regret following someone who says "Blood Blood Suicide.". When i searched up his user, It wasn't there anymore. But yet, there is a person Named Null, but it's not the same.

There is one person i will never follow,

and that is.....


By the way, I did see NuLL again. he was the ... 699.

(My first creepypasta)

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