I was playing roblox when donated enter a player calls F41L666 so as I was a good weight I went to give hi to him so he answered me like this "skirt from close to min"

Then I told him not to be rude and that I just wanted to be his friend. He replied "bye"

Then my game came out of nowhere so I went to talk to a friend of mine who has been through obscure things and I told him

Me: man I was playing a game I wanted to be friends with a guy called F41L666

Then my friend answered

MASTEROFROBUX: oh my god ............ this can not have happened to you guy delete your launcher before it's late

Then I said

I eat like this

Hence he speaks

MASTEROFROBUX: do now if you do not want a weight of your dead family he has already appeared for min once and a weight of my family died after I found him

So I unplugged my launcher and I was

Then I went and talk to him.

And I saw that he was onlline

Then I said

Hi, my friend, my family is not dead

And he answered me

MASTEROFROBUX: ................................................ ..... face never joke roblox my whole family died this guy appeared again joge any game less roblox

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