This was my old story i decided to fix it up and make it longer

As i was looking through Roblox some guy sent me a message about a game he made on mediafire he listed 2 links however i tried the first link i decided to click  it when i got to the installer it said that i needed a serial key so i quit out of it the next button could not be clicked the installer was garbage it did not even work there was a link that had the full version i checked it out the link i was finally able to play the full version i finally loaded up the game half of the mechanics in the game were broken the skybox on the startup screen was broken and the menu screen the mouse was so messed up when i clicked new game there was not much there just a dead body and a bloody bed along with a lamp and some smoke i quitted the game and took a break from it to play some roblox months later i was playing on my computer when all of a sudden the game opens up on its own i wanted to see what was going on so i wen't to the game the same room was there accept a glitchy figure with no textures on it appeared i was getting scared so i tried to leave the game but it would not allow me this time it stared at me for hours i was going to sleep soon i wen't to my room only to see blood on my bed this was very unusual there was a bloody bed in the game i decided to stay up instead i wen't back to the game only to see that the figure was gone i heard footsteps on the stairs in my house yet no one was home i was near the front door so i ran very quickly when i left i could see the figure in my room looking through the window when it was morning i decided to check my room no one was there the blood on the bed was gone i checked on my computer the game was still on the computer it was back to normal i was able to close the game but it still was not over i would always hear banging on the door i did not answer then later the banging was gone for good