I was playing some Epic Minigames, on a private server. A player named "NATASMIIH" joined. This wasn't my private server so it could have been my friend's friend. Anyways, he lost to EVERY MINIGAME, Including easy ones. He didn't say anything until I said "Ha, you noob!" He then said "yas ot doog yrev ton saw taht" I then saw his username backwards was HIIMSATAN, I was totally freaked out by this and left. My profile had the same default newbie character, and I was weirded out because I never bought the Pal Hair before, and I will NEVER EVER BUY IT. Then a ROBLOX game window opened up to a game called "pohskroW yM" which was My Workshop backwards. "He speaks backwards?" I thought to myself. In the game I saw a big workshop but it was empty, and it had a chair in the middle, with a teddy bear sitting and creepy music was on, I fell asleep on my chair, and I woke up with the game still on, and what I saw will never get out of my mind.

TO BE CONTINUED (Actually, I never bothered to make the rest. For now I'll leave this here UNTIL I get back to it.)

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