I have to write this quickly, because I think he's still here..

I thought ROBLOX was kid-friendly. You know, a happy place and whatnot.. but there's a lot more to it. Dark, twisted places that never reach the eyes of ROBLOX moderators/administrators..

I was goofing around, searching for games with dumb names like "JOIN AND YOU DIE", "THIS GAME WILL GIVE YOU A HEART ATTACK", "YOU WILL REGRET JOINING", and stuff like that. I come across this game that reads "Nͨoͨ gͨoͨiͨnͨgͨ bͨaͨcͨkͨ."

I find this odd, as this wasn't even close to what I was searching. I click, and the thumbnail is completely black with the numbers "666" on it. I laughed at this, because this was one of the many clichéd games I had come across. I was about to hit the back button, when something at caught my attention. It was the description. It read "|)0'|\|7 _|01|\|. 1'|V| \/\/4.-|\|1|\|' _|00." I figured whoever made this was really fluent in leetspeak, so I put it through a translator. It read "Don't join. I'm warning you." Another cliché? Really? I decide to give this game a try anyways, so I hit Play. Something was wrong with my client when it launched. Instead of the familiar R logo I find whenever I join a game, I see the thumbnail of the game.. I ignore it, and wait for the game to load. The game loads, and something's off with the player list. Instead of my player name, it reads "THE VICTIM". Wow, this game was really cheesy. I find some more unoriginal stuff like the numbers "666," Text saying "YOU WILL DIE", and "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE JOINED". I was going to ALT+F4 out of the game when I realized my keyboard was disabled. No lights, no nothing.

I check if it's plugged in, and I find out that the wire was severed by something or someone. So I click my way out of the game, and immediately I get a Blue Screen of Death. The error message reads "0x00000013". After my PC boots up, I plug in another keyboard and google the error code. A website pops up with a list of error codes. (The website is here.) I scroll down until I see my error code, and it reads:

"This BSOD is uncommon. BSOD error code 0x00000013 may also show "EMPTY_THREAD_REAPER_LIST" on the same blue screen."

Uncommon? I find it especially weird that the error message itself had the word "REAPER" in it. I try to calm myself down, as I was a bit nervous at the moment. I start searching for my favorite game, Apocalypse Rising. I click Play only to find a popup from ROBLOX saying something about how I didn't have ROBLOX installed and to run their setup in order to play and have fun. Weird. I open up Windows Explorer, travel to where the ROBLOX client is located (%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Roblox), and I find nothing inside. No folder named version-random letters and numbers. I exit out of Local only find that everything on my hard drive is slowly being deleted. LocalLow gets deleted first: then Roaming, then Local, and then AppData itself. Soon enough, my entire user folder has been deleted. I watch in horror as my system files disappear, one by one. As soon as system32 gets deleted, my PC shuts down. I turn it back on, only to find an error message in all black reading this:

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

<Windows root>\System32\hal.dll.

Please reinstall a copy of the above file".

First my main keyboard is cut off from my PC, and then my computer gets wiped. I grow frustrated and start having a mental breakdown, until I calm down a couple minutes later. My brother comes down and asks me what's upsetting me so much. I tell him my computer got wiped and he suggests I reinstall Windows. That would be the practical thing to do, right? So I grab a disc of Windows I had laying around, and I insert it into the CD/DVD slot. I turn the computer on, and I hear a loud shrieking noise coming from it. I turn it off, check the disc, and find out that the disc had been scratched severely. I'm kind of bummed out by this, so I decide to go outside, to the local ice cream store.

On my way there, I see this black hooded figure run towards me with inhumane speed. I know it was impossible to outrun him, so I start yelling at him to stop. He slams into me and I instantly knock out. I wake up to find myself seated at my desk. I don't know how I got there, and I especially don't know why I was put here. I hear someone tapping at my window, and I see the same black hooded figure. I freak out and eventually he runs away after I threaten to call the police. After that day, I felt like someone was breathing over my shoulder constantly. I turn around, and I see nothing. Occasionally I see the same figure in the corner of my eye, but it seemed like he was never there. I go outside that same day when I hear the pitter-patter of footsteps heading towards me. It was the same figure, again. I head to my house and lock the door, but I kept feeling someone breathing over my shoulder. I still feel it to this day, and I still think he's somewhere inside my house. Somewhere...


Keep in mind I didn't even try to write this. Go ahead and judge my for my writing. I know it's clichéd and full of flaws, but I was bored.

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