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Roblox Day:


It was my first time playing ROBLOX, I was really excited, it looked fun right when I saw the game. First, I played The Roblox Headquarters the first place, while I playing I saw a guest it looked like it was coming for me. He said "Come play with me" and I was creeped out so I left the game.

The Guest

The next day, I saw the same guest again! Was it a hallucanation? The guest looked at me and touched me and before I knew it, yes I was teleported to a game called "Come Play with Me" it was really scary

I tried to exit before I could even join,but the x button wouldn't work,it probably forced me to join, Then, He disappeared! I looked behind me and there he was holding a Bloody Knife, I Did not play roblox for 3 days.

What is this...

The next week I decided to play roblox. I went to fix my world I was Building and then there he was.. Standing right behind me.. I tried to run but He grabbed my leg and said "Come Play with Me and my friends" He said in a Creepy voice I looked behind and saw all of my friends DEAD! He smiled when he saw how sad I was to see my friends dead.. I told my dad about "GUEST333" but when I got to my dad he was gone so, I went Back to my room and he was back.. I Quitted the game asap. I searched up "GUEST333" and saw LOADS of people that have that name and I saw my cousin.. they ALL were wearing black and holding bloody swords and they all said "Come Play With Me" I was so scared that I quit roblox for a year and came back as happy as ever until I saw him.. HOW IS HE BACK!!!!

He is back "GUEST333"

What the hell? He is back? WTF is right.I played "DanTDM Factory Tycoon!" And "GUEST333" joined and said this:

A.Are you coming?

CUDDLESandBOO331(me):What? Where?

B.To "Come Play With Me"

Me:No Way!


Me:Can I leave?


I looked at my window seeing him there.

After that happend I closed the blinds shaking and hallucinating

Roblox Day:2

(Yeah,that was combined in in one day)

Terrified,I went into my room and hid and used my laptop instead.It was the scariest moment of my life.

So I played some FNaF,and I got jumpscared by that dam* Bonnie! Before I got jumpscared I the message"Come play ROBLOX" Oy vey was that crazy! I was stupid enough and played,no GUEST333? So I played a LUA50 story game(which is NOT real),and after that I left the game,and played"Roblox High School" by Cindering.You probably know that game,and I sent too much kids to detention(I WAS PRINCIPAL),and a guest joined.I have a thing for Guest,and I love them,but not this one...and you know who it is.