Just so you know, this story is not real and therefore is a work of complete fiction so do not try to look up the place or person spoken about in this story. Also, if the user does exist then they likely are just a person who didn't really experience this. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, problox22.

The story

Once there was a user called swagboi1999. He was very bad at roblox and was new to roblox. He was a starter so he had no clothes and he made his skin colour pure yellow [Like I did.] He played Club Nyonic with his brother whose account was swagboi2000. They where fishing together and swagboi1999 caught an 11 pound fish while swagboi2000 got a 10 pound fish. They soon got bored and left, but suddenly swagboi2000 was deleted for no clear reason. swagboi2000 made a new account called swagboi1998 [Btw I will now refer to swagboi2000 as swagboi1998] They went to play Broken Bones 2 and when the game loaded it looked demonic to swagboi1998, so he said "what the" and swagboi1999 replied saying, "I don't see it." They where both confused then swagboi1998 suddenly teleported to another game called R.I.P.S swagboi1999 followed but got kicked the first time. He tried again and he actually got into the server. They knew that R.I.P.S meant "Rest In Piece Swagboi's" leading them to be confused when suddenly they exploded and where teleported into real life they found their robloxian and were perplexed yet again. They knew they were robloxians and their real body's disappeared then they where teleported into the game as their roblox characters had to fight off waves of zombies and demons. Some where fast and some where slow, but did a lot of damage. If they died in the game, they would die in real life. They fought until wave 100 then emerged satan who immediately attacked. They fought him using their bows and swords. swagboi1999 killed the minions and swagboi1998 was attacking satan. They fought and killed satan then suddenly they where back in real life in their normal bodies and they woke up in their beds and figured out that it was a linked nightmare. Or was it? They went outside to play some soccer then suddenly something weird happened. The ball turned into satan and they where very confused they told the other players they said no its not they thought hmm maybe that wasn't a dream suddenly the other players exploded and blood went everywhere and they where disgusted then suddenly the referee turned into satan and laughed and they he spoke and said "Your friends are now gone there is no hope for you." Then they suddenly went back to the game and had to repeat the killing of satan the round he appeared on was round 666. Then there were 2 satans. The two robloxians killed them both and finally it was over.

Or WAS IT? They where back at home and their mom was in the kitchen cooking eggs for breakfast and the dad was going to work, but something fell out of his bag. It was a demon. In shock the brothers ran from it and tried to show their mother, but it wasn't visible for her. The brothers noticed it wasn't attacking, so they figured out it was a pet as a reward for killing satan 3 times. They asked it if it could poke mom. It did and she felt the sensation, but had not seen the pet. They found it entertaining, but they saw something else on the floor that was a rock, a holy rock that the demon tried to destroy it. For the mom it was a normal rock so she threw it outside. The demon was relieved, but then it was understood to still be a dream that the brothers woke up from. They then went to say bye to the father and a strange rock coming from the wall of the game where they killed satan 3 times. They picked it up, but it was invisible to their mom and when she turned around said, "Why are you holding air?" They said together, "I don't know, I just feel like it." Randomly, their neighbour's house caught on fire. Everyone was very confused. The brothers thought in their head, "Hmm.. Maybe it was the rock." They later figured out it could cause a meteor to land on the house of the person's name they stated. It was then decided to smash the rock because it was evil. Finally, the madness ended, all originating from Roblox. They where normal brothers again. swagboi1998 was deleted and swagboi2000 was unbanned. It all ended. They had the memories of the events, but no one else in the town did. It was the end of the horror, or was it?

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