You likely all know the game "Elephant Hotel" on ROBLOX. It always tends to attract ODers. I barely play it because of that reason, but I decided to join out of boredom. Besides, playing the same murder game with slight differences gets boring. So, I joined. Average server of 3.0s looking for dates. I managed to tick one off by existing. Basically, he ended up threatening to report me. Knowing reporting does absolutely nothing, I laughed it off.

A while later I began to realize the ODer was stalking me. There was just... something off. They all had different usernames but the same outfit. Muscle shirt, Charming Brown Hair, and Jeans. They kept harassing me. I ended up blocking them as soon as I saw them. I ended up password guessing one and found they had their Email verified. Who verifies the email on an Alt? This guy was likely extremely dumb. I then checked he had been messaging another user. They lived a state away. I had no idea how this info was passing through the filters. They had never met before and were "trading laptops" I wrote down that location and went on a "vacation."

A few days later I went there at the correct time. I had brought an old laptop of mine that was overheated. The guy came out was at least in his late 40s, so I knew he was a creep. He was wearing a grey hoodie. We were at an older abandoned coal plant, we were in the heart of the rust belt. It was a suburb of Detroit. I took the laptop and quickly attacked the creep. I managed to knock him out. I took him to the police station. I gave over the laptop and sat in the waiting room.

The officer came looking... scarred. He said there was stuff on there that if I went into detail about, I'd be banned from this wiki. Let's just say... it was very taboo. Everything I had come for was complete. I drove out of town, driving by the old coal plant. But then... I saw the stalker there. Smiling. I got home. I couldn't sleep. Suddenly I heard my window smash. I realized it. The stalker had gotten my plate number. I ran out with a baseball bat, he was possibly coming for my sister. Luckily, I ended up sneaking up on him and knocking him out.

4:27 AM. The cops arrived. They took the stalker. Luckily, he was the only one hurt. I don't want to know what would have happened if he had gotten to my sister. I've never gone back to Elephant Hotel since, and as far as I know the 2 men have been put on life in prison. This is all of the tale I have to tell.