== '''[[24/07/2015]]''' ==

− − − −

Hi, I'm cheeseyneese no-one really knows about me. There's something I want to write here, I personally think it's a bit weird.

− − − −

So, I was playing ROBLOX like usual when I got a message from a person called "        "

− −

Basically there was no name, let's call him Jeff. The message he sent said something well, something I didn't understand so I'm just gonna put it here:

− − − −

"Uyo Liwl Edi" 

− − − −

It doesn't really make any sence does it? No. I showed the message to a friend she said it looks like "You Will Die" I thought so. That's not what freaked me out. It was because there is no name and no subject. I went back to look at this message a couple of minuets ago, but it was gone. I wish I had screenshot it. 

− − − −

CssKitty is the best at making creepypasta and stuff so I sent her a friend request, I saw some other person "SoYeahUmmmm" she had no badges, or anything what so ever apart from her status or whatever you call it "Someone, please, murder CssKitty" I have sent her a friend request (I honestly dunno why) I am  still waiting for a reply. That's all for today. Please comment, I want to know if people actually read this stuff.

− − − −

== [['''25/7/15''']] ==

− − − −

I got another message from "Jeff" (LOOOOL) It was a link this time, as you know I don't just write creepypastas I read them too, it was a link to the game "Name:" The same game in The Cleansers. I'll put a link soon.

That game was weird...


Sorry I havn't been writing anything for a while, That game crashed my laptop. I keep getting weird messages on ROBLOX from "Jeff" (Still loling). Dayum, I have to go, ill try write more later.

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