My Friend the Monster

Hello I'm Chase and I want to tell you a story that ruined my Love for Roblox.


It was Friday and I was so excited because I can get to play Roblox all weekend from all the work I have to do in school ugh well at least I don't have to do homework on the weekend well ya gotta admit homework on the weekend sucks!!! So I started playing Roblox and played Robloxity it's my 2 favorite game the other being the stalker which is my 1 game. But let's get on with it already anyways I went in this server with a bunch of annoying noobs on the cops or criminals side and it's so annoying then I was walking to the cafe where I saw this guy and his role playing family trying to shut his Role playing daughter see isn't this annoying in robloxity so I had enough money to buy a car and drove to the other side of the city just to walk alone to an area that has no gun shots being fired and this black bus with red windows came up to my house and this guy with a black hood and evil skeptic black colored face with a black body came out of the bus and approached my house he said "I hate em too" in a black chat bubble with blood red font

Me: "How do you know I hate them I never said anything?"

Guy: "Why did you come here then that is why people move here"


Guy: "Follow Me"

(He leads me into the bus where I see a teleporter in the back but how? How did it get there?)

Me: "What is a teleporter doing there?"

Guy: (Ignores)"So what's your name?"

Me: "Chase why?"

Guy: "Just want to make a friend"

Me: "What's your name then?"

Guy: "my name is Dorian"

Me: "K so what do you want to do"

(he ignores for about 4 minutes and stops at a building where the Criminal spawn point is)

Dorian: "Hey let's become criminals and troll these noobs"

Me: "Yeah that sounds pretty fun"

(After we shoot a bunch of noobs they all rage quit and we head back to the bus)

Dorian: "I want to show you something"

Me: "What is it woah the teleporter what are you doing!"

(I try to escape but he locked the car i tried to reset but the reset button WAS GONE!!!)

I was pushed into a teleporter and it took me to a place called Nightmare of Chase and I was with 5 other people who said "You can't escape STAY STAY STAY!!!!!!!!!!" Their voices slowed down and I was scared the place was black it had a red platform and we were in cells swimming in realistic looking blood and parts. I tried to escape no close button no reset button no menu button, I even shutdowned and restarted my computer I was still there i turned off the wifi I was still there I was so scared i threw my computer against the wall it broke 3 months later I bought a new laptop and when I opened it up it was on the server

This guy is a threat if you are approached by black bus with red windows ignore the driver exit the game

-By Respawnables user:Tasmaster