Hello, my name is JakeSweetcamel. I just want you to know that you can say it's fake, but it's true. I was playing on one of my places called R.I.P Gabe the Dog with my friend black969. We explored a bit and after about a minute black969 said 'Turn around, he wants to speak with you..' I was confused by this, what did he mean by that? I thought he was messing with me, but I decided to look behind my character, and I saw a Guest, Guest 666.. My friend left the game, and I was alone with the Guest. I thought that he just saw 666 and decided to troll me, but then.. The Guest started talking, Witch was strange, as Guests don't have the ability to talk anymore. The sky turned a dark red and all of the things I had built in the place had vanished. The music I had put into the place was replaced with what sounded like people screaming, only in a lower pitch. I've heard this sound on multiple roblox horror games, but I never figured out where the sound originally came from. I tried leaving the game, but it didn't work, everytime I tried to leave, it wouldn't work. I even tried shutting my computer off, and somehow it didn't work. I just sat there, and read what the guest had said in the chat.

The guest said 'YOUR LIKE THEM'. I wasn't sure what he meant by this. I responded with 'what?' His response was 'Well, you used to be like them...' i thought who was them? who is he talking about. I didn't bother asking. He then said 'I've been watching since November 4th, 2014.. disguised as a normal guest... You joined a group'. I wasn't sure what to respond with.. I just sat their reading what he had to say.. I said What Group? He simply responded 'Don't pretend you don't know..' He then said '2016, you changed, your not like the others..' Who were the others? I thought. I didn't bother asking. I tried moving my character around, but It didn't work, My character just sat their..

The guest then said 'I'm not sure if I should spare you, or destroy you..' He typed another message in the chat: 'Well, you've changed.. most people who hated me never really changed..' I said, what? I've never met you before, why would you think I hate you? He said 'You have met me before.. But I was disguised..' He then said 'Do you know why they all left so quick at the same time? I took them... And they were never.. found..' He then said 'But you changed, so I'll spare you.. But just to let you know.. I'll be watching... He left the server, the baseplate disappeared but I was still standing, like The baseplate was Invisible..

My character caught on fire, and I was kicked from the game.. I was confused as to what just happened.. But I've heard of Guest 666 before, I just never thought I would meet him like this. The next day, my friend sent me a message on roblox: 'Want to Hangout?' I just said 'Hey, do you remember saying 'Turn around, he wants to speak to you' on R.I.P Gabe yesterday? He said 'no, you just randomly left the server and I played another game. This confused me some more.. I might take a small break from roblox and then return.. I joined the R.I.P Gabe place, everything was back to normal, witch is good..

If I ever see Guest 666 again or anything else creepy that's related to him, I'll update this page..


Odd. I just got two messages from two random users. One named Issacizcool101 and the other name xXsarahlolwutXx. Both of their characters are completely grey and they both have sad faces on their characters. Both messages said HELP HE HAS US. I assumed this was just spam and marked them as read, then I checked their profiles and I got an Error 404 page, witch means they where banned.. The two messages are gone now. Does this have anything to do with Guest 666?

1/26/2017 7:26 P.M

Didn't think I would have to update this twice on the same day.. I was playing on Lezus's place, Guest 666 joined, he followed me around a bit, yet no one else saw him.. two minutes later he left..


Weird.. For some reason there weren't any users in my Chat & Party, except for three: Issacizcool101, xXsarahlolwutXx and Guest 666.. Issac and Sarah both sent me messages saying HELP ME. I didn't really respond, I started to realize these two users have something to do with Guest 666.. The guest hasn't sent me any messages, so why is he in my Chat & Party? I refreshed the page and my Chat & Party was back to normal..


I've been seeing Guest 666 in every game I play now, and he follows my character every time I walk away, some times he types '...' in the chat..; No one else seems to notice him, witch is weird. I've also been seeing Issacizcool101 and xXsarahlolwutXx in game now, I expected them to type in the chat HELP US but instead they simply said 'We've figured it out, you can't do anything..' Another thing that weird is that their usernames don't appear on the playerlist, and other players don't seem to notice Issac, Sarah, or Guest 666..


Sorry for not updating this page in a while, I've been kinda busy lately. Anyways, I haven't been seeing Guest 666 alot lately, but I've been seeing Issac and Sarah a lot. They've kinda just been following me around everywhere. No one else seems to notice them... I've only been seeing Guest 666 a couple of times, he too, follows me around everywhere, and sometimes types in chat '...' and no one else notices him, either.


Recently I played in a race. And he was the first one to win EVERY TIME. I have screenshot proof! (Not photo-shopped)


Guest 666 winning the race...

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