I'm an average roblox player, like most people, but today, I found an interesting game called "Y0UR D00M".

I decided to join it, and I saw another user on the baseplate, his name was "K1LLSCR33N" but it said his name was "Him" in the game, he even had a devil icon next to his name.


Me And The User's First Interaction.

I was wondering if this was just a user trying to scare me, but I felt like someone was watching me behind my back, but whenever I turn around it's not there anymore.

With the sweat dripping down my keyboard I asked this user if he was trying to scare me or not.

His reply was "I WANT T0 D0 M0R3 THAN SCAR3 Y0U."

Later, I asked him the same question again, his reply was "I WANT T0 T0RTUR3 Y0U. I WANT Y0U T0 SUFF3R F0REV3R."

I left the game shortly after, but the user just kept stalking me, everywhere I go, on roblox.

Ex. MeepCity, Auto Rap Battles 2... The list keeps going on and on.

I sent him a P.M (Private Message) asking him why he keeps following me.

His response was "I WANT T0 KN0W Y0U B3TT3R B3F0R3 I KILL Y0U."

I said to him "Listen, I dont want to deal with this right now, can you please stop stalking me?"

His response was "I WILL N3V3R ST0P."

This was getting more annoying than creepy after that, I decided that it was enough roblox for today, and I went to sleep.

The next morning, my character was a 1.0 and was red for a day, I got a message from him, I opened it and it said "TH1S W1LL N3V3R ST0P.... Y0U W1LL N3V3R B3 AL0N3. JUST WH3N Y0U TH1NK Y0U AR3 SAF3, 1LL B3 WATCH1NG Y0U, UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE."


This game is actually real, Infact, ill give you the link.!/game-instances

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