Guys, this is my first creepypasta, dont judge too hard. May have some cliches but whatever.

On 2/9/17, I was enjoying my buisness on ROBLOX, I checked my fan group and then i saw it. Some weird comment saying, "BlOoD, GoRe, DeAtH" I decided to visit the user named murderisgfunexe2w's profile which had some freaky shit on it. The first thing odd about it is that he had a bloody "666" T-Shirt on, and he was all pure black. His description on his profile talked about satan and stuff and it was writted like that comment he left in my group wall. then, I clicked his game, titled; A bLoOdY ExPeDiTiOn, with even more weird stuff in the description. I clicked play and it was a red room with creepy music, and dead bodies, there were 2 paths, left or right so I chose the left which shortly after, a large headed pure black figure ran after me and killed my robloxian, but when i died it wasn't the normal "UUUUUUUHGH death noise, it sounded more like a little boys scream! Blood also came out! So when i respawned i chose the right path, leading to bodies, then the final room which had, people being hung, and murderisgfunexe2w, but as a npc, he would stare at me, when i moved his head turned. Then my game crashed saying, "MMM yOuR sOuL iS GrEaT tAsTiNg." Then another guy named MurderYouu came on the game after i rejoined and said, "leave this place, something special will happen tonight." Then i left and then joined his place, seemed like the normal starter place, so i wasnt really scared, but then it crashed so i  rejoined, then it repeated twice, and finally, it had dead bodies of me, and secrets. I quit roblox for a while and now i am writing my experiences here. The links are here at your own risk:   Murderisgfunexe2w:            MurderYouu:

their places are under their creations tab on their profile.

Please tell me your honest opinions in the comments, and i hope you enjoyed! :D

iiNeighborDev's POV

BlueyTheBuilder sent me this over skype. I joined the game on my R03LOK account and said my real username. We were chatting for a few moments and then a user by the name of wEaReCoMInGNoEsCaPe had joined the game. He said Maggie (Who is Bluey's friend) was hot and then HACKED Bluey and crashed and banned him from the game. (This happened in MurderYouu's place) He said "iiNeighborDev is next" (My username) as I changed my password to outsmart him.I joined on my main acc, and he was then saying bullshit on Bluey's acc, as well as making him have a blue Fidget Spinner and wierd satan clothes. He got out of Bluey's acc and Bluey noticed the changed to his acc. When Bluey checked, all his robux were gone too. Luckily, Bluey changed back to his self.

0/10 never playing that game again.

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