In the late 2006, Roblox only had 1 year, many players played it, though there weren't many places back then, it was pretty hard to search for one, i started my account on January, and searched for games with any word i had in my head, finally, when i searched for something named: Adventure. There wasn't any result than, adventure,,. The game's thumbnail was pretty good, it made me think it was a good game. But, when i tried to enter the game, there wasn't more or less than a gray mountain on a black ground, there were some weird kind of stairs around the mountain which was huge, i was very excited to see that and a bit scared, mountains that well made were very rare back then, not even thinking if there was something wrong about it, i decided to climb to the top of the mountain, when i finally got at the top, there was a sign, which was blue and most part green, it said: "Great, you made it! Now you need to jump 4 times on the top of me! I was thinking that something cool its gonna happen if i do! And at the fourth jump, the mountain got all some kind of yellow, I fell the mountain, when a player named MrMonkey121 spawned right where i was, he fell with me, at the bottom, we 2 were trapped, when he said: abandoned. I responded: What?! Then he said: Trapped. And then his character started to change into blue. He said: God let us here. Then, the game started lagging untill it crashed. The site's colour changed into a crying robloxian, but smiling with the words: Roblox is not what you think.

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