Once, a long time ago, (June 25th 2009 to be precise) there was a user called 34coolguy. He owned a small warclan and liked playing games. One day, he was about to play a survive a plane crash game when something seemed odd about it. When he checked the thumbnail, he swore he could see a black figure. Then, he joined the game. When he was in it, he found that the flight conveniently loaded in a full server of 6 people. When he saw the popup that you get about the flight, he noticed it was different. Instead of saying "Welcome to the flight. Today we will be flying to Blockland!" it said "Welcome to the flight. Today we will be flying to" and cut off. When he boarded the flight, he saw the winner's area and the island. But, instead of crashing, the plane kept flying over. Suddenly, it crashed on a black island. A loud scream entered 34's headphones. The popup came back, this time it said "TOO LATE NOW". Suddenly, he saw the black figure on the islands. It walked up to him and the other 5 survivors. Then, it decided to talk to them.

Black Figure (BF): Welcome. I hope you enjoy your short stay here.

34coolguy: Why are we here?

BF: Sometimes, I get a little bit hungry.

slickdudexx (survivor): Hungry? What?


Suddenly, he moved his hand and slickdude's head popped off.

Everybody else scattered. The Black Figure managed to get rid of 4 people. Quickly, 34coolguy left, as he was scared. Suddenly, he realised he had a message. It was from a user called mortem, who looked like the black figure. The message title read "TOO LATE NOW" and the message was "MY CURSE IS THE LAST THING I CAN GIVE". 34coolguy was never seen again, and his account was changed to 404mortem. He now kills, but not you, your account.