Chapter 1 "Noobs and Guests"

I had just logged on to ROBLOX and saw very noobish games like Time Travel Minigames! and all that

i looked at the comment section on one game and i clicked the More Comments didnt work after 30 minutes it finally worked but i saw what should not be seen....

Chapter 2 "The Demons Have Come To Us"

I saw comments that i had thought were a joke but i checked one's profile but his name was "TheDemonsHaveCome" i was freaked out by this but its was late so i went to sleep...when i woke up which was in the middle of the night i heard knocking i said "Who would be awake at this time" i opened the door i saw a note saying "The Demons"........

Chapter 3 "Strange Hallucinations"

i keep seeing halluctinations now on one was with me being hung and someone next to me i woke up at my original time being late for school and when i came back my computer was on..Strange i never leave it on when i leave but i saw a picture on my desktop it was MoReCoMmEnTs.jpg it was with comments by my friends saying "HELP ME" and i swear i saw something move outside my was black and stuff but it just dissapeared........andddjehdfnjedjsahdeHELPMEjfjenjfnejrfgnjfdnjgn

Chapter 4 "Silence in Games"

Well i played a game called "Twisted Murderer" but theres a twist a REAL twist with the game. Instead of the lobby it was just a black room all the sudden..and i saw the same black figure..only a ROBLOXian version of the figure..its name was ".." he was not on the player list (cliche) and i tried to exit out but i kept getting messages saying YOU WONT LEAVE.....

Chapter 5 "Catalog Hauntings"

i finally exited the game but saw a weird hat..i looked at the comment section and it was random people saying

"YOU WONT LEAVE ROBLOX NOW" I tried to get to the catalog but everytime i clicked the arrow i heard screams getting louder each time but it somehow closed the computer and now i cant log on neither right password,wrong password but i tried one more time and the screen turned reddish black....

Chapter 6 "RED"

I blacked out when the screen turned reddish black...I woke up and got up to see what else could happen to me i know i know but i just felt like it and i saw a game called "RED" i went on to it (crazy me) and saw nothing but a red sky and a baseplate and my character i saw a house and went into it when all of the sudden my character started turning into little pieces of dust and i saw a black version of me it had red eyes...smiling at me as my character turned to dust and it just dissapeared and i woke up in my bed and went to my computer...

Chapter 7 "Ending The Haunting"

I was at the computer and saw only One game and it was called "........." i went onto it and saw the same black version of me and i had said "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME,WHAT DID I DO TO YOU?!?"

and it replied with "for my entertainment" I dont know why he said that but i said "YOUR NOT REAL" and he started dissapearing into thin air and i had ended the haunting..........

But not for long

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