(Right picture: Monkrymonkry's Super Fun Obby but today, it's called Monkrymonkey was hacked.)

Monkrymonkry was famous for his awesome creations and skills. Usually his obbys. He had a happy life until his account was hacked. Pragmatic was the one who hacked him. His account later terminated with no excuses of bringing the account back. He reported to ROBLOX HQ about the hacking but still no excuse. He then created a new account but something was not right about his character. His ID was 123929493999583930101029293994.

It wasn't right. He tried to reload the page but it stayed the same. He thought it was a glitch so he moved on and didn't really seemed to care. Now, he was playing his own obbys with only 2 players with him. When he was about halfway through the 700 obstacle obby, the two players were gone but their names are still on the name board. They usually talked and talked but just silence... He was still not concerned since he thought they were afk. (AFK= Away From Keyboard) Until the skybox turned red. Just plain red. Now it was a gif. animated skybox. Blood was dripping off from the ceiling and the two players are shown hanging off this noose obstacle.

He swore that he didn't put that model in his obby. The two player names are gone in the name board. His name changed into, "You know who I am" and shortly after, it turned into, "Mm hmm. I wiped out your account. Your most famous one." Now he is total rotten bananas. He tried to exit out roblox but no use. Everything didn't work. Until the most terrifying scream came out from the computer. The screen showed two people, in total red blood. Tied to a tree.

He quickly got his hammer and smashed the computer to pieces. He never wished to play ROBLOX on that computer and account. After that, he wanted to take a little sleep to make him chill off. Eventually, he went through a deep sleep. He probably heard the window open but it can just be his dream.

When he woke up, it was in the middle of the night. He looked over his bedroom window just to see. Only to see two people in blood tied to a tree.

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