It was July 1st, 2015, I was a member of berezaa Games. I was chosen to test the Pre-Alpha version of Miner's Haven. I was really excited, because I never played anything like Miner's Haven. So, I loaded up the game and proceeded to play. But here's the thing, Miner's Haven back at the Pre-Alpha stage was called "Miner's Heaven". So, if you think about it, that's implying that the players are taking control of a deceased miner. You might think that I was joking, but that's what the game OUTRIGHT said.

Chapter 1 (Backstory)

After I loaded up, I was greeted to a backstory animation of a miner, who was driving, crashed into a truck. It was shocking and then it displayed what seems to be the gateways to heaven. The miner opened the gates and was greeted to this black space where you can build conveyors and Ore minors. And yes, This was before upgraders were put into the game.

Chapter 2 (Gameplay)

There was no GUI's except a shop and a inventory GUI. There wasn't even a leaderboard. I don't know why, but there wasn't. But it did show a health bar. When I placed the conveyors, my game froze and it crashed. When I loaded the game again, It was different. There wasn't any GUI's and it was a very black tinted screen with the textbox saying "RUN!". Then I looked behind me, and I saw a Black figure with red eyes, no mouth. It looked like it was flying very fast towards me, So I slammed the W key, and tried to get away, but, to no avail. After the thing caught me, My game crashed again, but there was faint static. I reloaded the game, and it was back to normal. Then I looked on the gamepage, and it said "Updated 1 second ago".

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