Melvin - more real footage!!! (scary roblox creepypasta)03:35

Melvin - more real footage!!! (scary roblox creepypasta)

this is a footage of tinfoitbot encounter the creepypasta melvin

this happen two weeks ago to me i wanted to go on an fear clan game so i found one by the onwer of fear sonicthehegehdogxx and entered there was something weird that i notice about the game though and that only is the start of it!!!

i saw it say 0 plays on it and it description have an creation date then i see it say "do not enter" on it so then i knew that why no one had played but i was go to do something and i wanted to be the first ever person who ever played on an game that says do not enter!!

i was inside of in the game now and i started to walk everywhere and keeped walking but i never did see anything it was just all dark and hard to see anything to also

then i saw something in the distant i never know what it is but i did filmed it when i see it

when i saw this i got scared then i tried to leave but when i tried to press the x button it says it won't let me leave i panicked and ran until i see it more of them came out of not anywhere and i finally could see what they are!!

they were black shaggys but not any ordinary ones! at this time i never know how they got made then i did saw another one!! although there was something that is more different about this one it was invisible and also did make an weird noise

i was very scared when i did see it and that is when i stopped filming but the game suddenly did shut down and my computer switched off by it's own after that i went back on roblox and had and big shock that will change everything!!!! i logged on again and looked at my items and to my shock i see that all my items are deleted and i losed everything as whatever this was i saw making it happen

i then looked on sonicthehedgehdogxx profile and saw something strange on he's hats

it was an white shaggy that was invisible that just like the one i saw when i am at the game it has no description and you not were able to buying also to i then quickly press out i then did decided i go to tell my friend about it then when i say it to him to look he went to look then a minute after he said i'm a lie and that there wasn't anything there i looked at it again and that hat is now gone and the link send me to a error page then i saw something that change everything i search on google and put melvin because i wanted to find out about the hat i see but i see something else instead of it!! i saw a news site about an story of a 11 year old boy who died who's name was melvin then i saw the date on what he died it say "02/11/2008" which was the exact same date that when roblox made the hat

could it be that the thing that i did see in the game was melvin and the boy who did die got rencarnated as the hat?

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