This is my first pasta, I don't know how it will turn out.

So, it started like a great normal day when I logged on to Roblox. As I did, I noticed a new game on the popular games section . I clicked on it and joined. The game was called Meepcity and seemed like any other roleplay and life/raise something game. As I played it I started to like it because of the great graphics and cute characters. The game was so addicting. I‘t was very hard to stop playing. When I did stop and log off of Roblox, I couldn't wait for the next day to come and play some more Meepcity! After about five weeks of this, I found something in the game. I thought it was a glitch and thought nothing of it. It was a pure crimson Robloxian. His username was Meep, but it didn't show on the playerlist. After a while of it following me around the game, I left the game for the night. As I shut down my computer, I swear I thought I saw a man outside of my window. The next day, when I turned my computer on, my computer wasn’t turning on and on the screen was MEEP in red, jagged letters. After I booted the computer, I had a message. people said that they were stalked by Meep too. I ignored them and played Meep City. The game shut down, but I could still move. From the speakers I heard "NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN" I was scared as I saw Meep walk toward me and brutally gut my player. I tried to leave the game, but couldn't until Meep stopped gutting my player. When I left all the games were called Meep is Near. All of them were Meep City. As I tried to shut down my computer the screen typed out slowly "MEEP IS FOREVER" and it also blasted from my speakers. When I logged onto a laptop it said I was banned from Meepcity ays. I stopped playing Roblox after that, in fear of Meep coming back, and the horrible man outside my window.

P.S. I have this backed up on my iPad, so vandalism won't kill this!