M is Real, by thelostporkchop883

Hi, my name is thelostporkchop883. I love first person types like in Five Nights at Freddy's. and stuff. I was making a first person testing game. I teamed up with Clonetrooper1019. he made a game for it where you wandered down a brick hallway. I tried it out, but when it joined it didn't say 'Now going to First Person Test for Thelostporkchop883'. It said M is real. I joined and it was dark. The good news was the first person worked! I walked. I saw a sign that said M is Real on it. I walked a bit faster. Then I heard a whisper say 'Come here'. I walked a bit more. I saw a white shaggy float through the room. I continued walking. I got a popup. It said 'New Hat: Melvin'. It was that exact white shaggy. I tried to close it. When I did the hallway disappeared and I was falling. I saw a bunch of those hat notifiers. I heard a scream. I saw that white shaggy. It grew a full body. It looked just like my avatar. He grabbed me. My Roblox crashed. My computer died as well. I went to sleep. When I woke up and screamed when I saw my computer. It had been ripped apart with my brother's dead body shoved inside the broken computer. On the screen was written the words "Believe in Melvin now?". I didn't want to believe, but I had to. Maybe this wasn't Melvin at all? I looked out the window and saw a tall, very thin man in a black suit. He had a roblox mask on. He had white shaggy hair. He was holding a dead body that was dressed as my avatar. And still today as the white shaggy haunts me I chant the same words: Melvin is real, Melvin is real, Melvin is real...

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