lDisclaimer: my grammar can be bad because i am czech sorry about that. Also story is real but if you don't want to believe it is ok.


I was just playing some roblox because i was bored well what to expect? I was searching some random games. I also loved horrors so i searched some horror games. Then i found one called: do not join or lunie will get you! Well nice name i guess? I have seen very weird description of weird numbers. I tried to translate them somehow. I was kinda suprised when i did. It was: please dude do not bleed be tortured please help me i am stucked mom it is cold! Where am i? When i translated i was kinda creeped out but i joined because i thought it was some joke. When my game loaded i have seen some weird stuff like body cutted on half bleeding and very realistic (clitche) organs. Then i found npc called help me! But then something was next to it. It looked like it was killing it or eating it. I had enough with that game because it was horrible.


My second attempt to go there. I clicked play and oh my god there was something new. NPC it looked like some girl and it was called lunie. I was like: what the f*ck is this sh*t! I just was going more but then i heard something. It was NPC of lunie and i was chasing me and then it killed me.


Weird stuff started to happen. My friends were telling me they have seen someone in the window.

I tried the game again. I heard really creepy sounds and people being tortured and stabbed. I heard the pain. Then i was teleported on another game which was baseplate with totally nothing. Then someone joined. Someone... it was lunie.

Here is our chat:

me:Hey what the heck is this crap! This is weird!

lunie: pl3aSe h3Lp mE mOm I aM sCrared MoM it is C0ld HeLp

me: what the f*ck. I am outta here you creepy motherf*cker

when i tried to leave but nothing worked

Lunie: l3aving so soon?

me: wtf who are you!!

lunie: pl3ase help mom it is cold mom do not leave please me i am scared.

Then my computer crashed.

I turned it back on and when i was on home page of my comp i have seen new background which looked like dead corpse with name lunie.


When i logged into my roblox account i was named lunie.

Me: what the heck is this??

Yeah there is speedez on left but that was because it wasn't changed by lunie. So do not spam that this is fake

The end?


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