well i was checking my games and chose knife game tutorial my first game ever but when i opened it there was a guest he was bloody and name was all caps and said LOCKGUEST2020 it was horrific so i got out but roblox front page was terrifying i saw as the front page i also saw the title was made of BLOOD and i backed out my profile was him everyone else too i was terrified so i went to play the cutest game ever and it had blood all over skeletons dead bodies and a that guest but he had sharp claws BLOOD ALL OVER HIS MOUTH AND BLOOD ON HIS HANDS?!?!? AM I THE NEXT VICTIM?!?! so i kill him and push him off and he dies but his soul is alive and it chases me i run run run run X BUTTON WORK!!!! phew im out but hes right behind m- THE END WILL I LIVE DO I DIE LIKE TO FIGURE OUT!

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