I like to start off my day with ROBLOX in any situation. So that's what I did this morning. I opened my laptop and logged in to the fun, family friendly game called ROBLOX. Hands


down it's my favorite website. No matter how many changes it has been through, I still love the cute little characters and the entire concept of the game itself. Sthe end is near heelp me please please oh no help please oh god OH god please help before they get me pleasssssee!!!! o I went on the front page and was greeted by a "Hello Kittypoop90!" That always made me smile. I realized I got a message. I never got messages so I immediately checked to see what it is. To my surprise it was not about some war group looking for fighters, it was a user named LittleBernadette. The message said, "Come To My Garden Where Flowers Bloom, I'll Be Waiting." And under it was a link. Okay that's creepy, but creepy is right up my alley so I gladly clicked the link and played. LittleBernadette was there in the middle of a small flower garden blossoming with color because all the other bricks where light grey including the sky. "Hello Sweetheart." She said then walked over to my player. "Cool Place." I said being a little more creeped out then I should be. "I Can Still Hear The Whip Crack Against My Bare Flesh." She said and walked over to the end of the small, grey baseplate. I hesitated to type. "What Happened?" I typed. She was there within a millisecond after I typed it, It's like she teleported. "Glad You Asked." She said. I swear I could see a flicker of light behind her. "I Came To This Game To Escape The Real World." Okay freaky, I didn't want to say anything or even stay in this weird game so I clicked the red x on the top of my screen. "STOP!" She said almost like she could see my screen. "I'M NOT DONE!" She said and jumped. "I WILL BEAT YOU LIKE MY FATHER DID TO ME IF YOU CONTINUE!" She said. I couldn't even minimise the screen without her yelling. "I Thought You would understand." She typed after a good 3 minutes of yelling to stop. "But You're like everyone else." Then the game and crome both crashed so I was left on my desktop. The room around me was so quiet. I felt so alone. the next day I went on her profile. Her game was deleted and her blurb read, "The Life Outside Is Not A Game,I've Experienced Trauma, I Come Here To Be Content."