I just get back from school to watch ROBLOX live streams on Twitch, something wasn't really right, the Twitch's colors weren't purple, they were red, I thought that was weird. So I went to ROBLOX's channel and saw a new live stream. They weren't playing a ROBLOX game, the video was just 2 minute static, it then turned

RobloxScreenShot01252017 165916604

to an image of one of my best ROBLOX friends dead. I was terrified, then I saw my ROBLOX character with black eyes, posterized slight static and starring at me. It then turned back to 2 minute static and after that I saw a horrifying fa-

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ce which was Ahenobarbus Henocied's profile pic. (Ahenobarbus Henocied is a FaceBook user that sends gore to other FaceBook users, here's what the picture looks like). I exited Twitch and got on ROBLOX, I got a message from someone named IISEEYOU, the message said: "Hello Bryan, I know that you were on Twitch, and I'm the one who corrupted your video :)", He then sent me a link to a game called "1010101010101010110110101010110100101011010101010". I join the game, it's a Hallway where the only way is to go foward, I don't have the ability to look around, I then automaticly stop then an image of my character with the same things from the live stream picture horizontally goes by while there's a voice audio in the backround saying "I see you." plays, I then can walk fowards again. A voice audio plays in the backround saying "RUN!" And I then have the ability to look around, and hold down LSHIFT to run, the monster chasing me from behind was the same ahenobarbus henocied face chasing me. I suceeded in running away from the face and reaching the end of the

The VHS Tape02:01

The VHS Tape

e tunnel. I then crash from the game. I hear a ring on my doorbell and open the door, it was a VHS tape. I put it in my VCR. The footage was pretty brutal, and by brutal I mean terrifying. I was too scared to sleep the night so I stayed up and played ROBLOX with one of my best friends, Lunarwolf360. I played with her on RHS (ROBLOX High School) and then something got pretty messed up in the meanwhile. The ambient turned red and there was lots of blood red fog. There was then an kohls admin message on my screen saying "LEAVE THIS SERVER NOW OR YOUR LITTLE FRIEND DIES" So I left the game and joined again, Things were normal and I never heard from that guy ever again.

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