One day, I was playing roblox until the mailman came. he came with a package that was sent to me, but the person who gave it to the mailman's name was all blurry. I opened it. It was a book. I turned off my computer and sat down to read. Most of the pages were ripped, and at the end, there was sticky note saying:


I clicked the link, and it sent me to a game. I played it, and I saw Davy and Dory. They didn't talk for a while, but after 3 Minutes, they said "LEAVE NOW" in uppercase WingDings. It was really weird because players never were able to speak in different fonts. Then this player named "DaddyBloxy" joined. He then said my address. I was creeped because people never know my address (Except for my cousins.). Davy and Dory then said "Daddy!", and then Daddy said "Leave now Mortal.", the game later crashed after that, and then, I got a party invite from Daddy. I was completely creeped because I was not friends with DaddyBloxy. Davy and Dory were in too, The chat was filled with Daddy, Davy and Dory saying something in Greece. I translated it, and what it translated into was "Your already gone.". Then I got a knock on the door, it was the mailman again. He was holding nothing, I looked for the key, and when I came back, the mailman was gone only to be replaced with this black figure with red eyes resembling Bison from Street fighter. He then laughed and dissapeared into nothingness. I went to play roblox again, but the site was down for maintenance, and I found a sticky note saying: "You had your fun, now we have our fun.".

The end.

or iS It?