One day, there was a Sonic Rp game on the front page. there was a lot of people, but 2 users named "DavyBloxy" and "DoryBloxy" joined and spammed the chat with "This place is gloomy and awful.". Then 1 user named "Sonamyforever23" said "Omg shut up noobs". He then left for an unknown reason, and I was teleporting to another game. I entered the same game, but with no moves, scripts or anything. Everything was burning, and I was jailed. Davy and Dory said "You are not worthy in our playtime." Like 3 times. After that, my character exploded. Not an explosion blowing my character into pieces, but my body exploding out Organs. And blood was coming out. The game later crashed. Then I got a message from Davy:

Subject: ???

Written: 666/666/666

You are not worthy for playtime.

I then heard a whisper saying "We are watching.", and when I turned around, I saw Davy and Dory, lurking in the dark.

tHe EnD....