Second Pasta.


You know this story right? Oh, you don't? I thought everyone knew it. Well, it started when Roblox was first created. The first users were all happy with it. Except for one. Its name was DarkNess1. DarkNess1 was a strange person in real life and began to hack the newly made Roblox.

Part One

A lot of people say DarkNess1 was cursed, but I know different. You see, DarkNess1 had seen some things in the Roblox code he wasn't supposed to. DarkNess1 had discover how Roblox kept the users out of their experiments. Roblox was an experiment made to test children's abilities. All their abilities. DarkNess1 decided to stop these tests. After a day of hacking into the tests he received a message saying "Stop, we know it's you. If you don't stop bad stuff will happen." DarkNess1 was scared, but kept hacking to end the demented tests.

Part Two

Three days later DarkNess1 heard something at the window. When he looked, it was another stop message scratched into the pane. Now, Roblox knew where he lived. One day later his account was banned. He continued to hack until three weeks later, he had almost stopped the tests when at his window there was a man smashing through it. DarkNess1 tried to run. His screen lit up with horrible images of his death. Then, a power out. When the power went back on, his house had been torn apart. One man was left and said, "We can do much worse."