I started an account then grew to roblox in that account. I made fun games for other people to play. I was feeling joy and happiness as players come and play my game. And i was interested by other games i made games like them but one day. My friend doesn't play roblox anymore so he gave me his account which is a pro account. I only played in that account not in my original account then something weird happened. My original account sent me a message and it was weird. No one was playing in my account and it sent me a message by itself. The message title was "Why?" I opened it up and read it. I read it and it said "Why did you leave me? Why?" I ignored it and started playing some games then 2 hours after that. A new message appeared. It was from my original account again. It's title was "You left me." It said "You left me and just played in that account. You don't like me anymore." I replied "Who is this?" 3 seconds and it replied "Your abandoned account...." I realized what he/she means. I stopped playing in my original account for months. I only played in an account that was not mine. Later my desktop changed into a grave saying "RIP UltraDestroyer" which is my original account. Later on. I checked my account then it turned black. I started to play some games on it. It was gone. I randomly joined a game called "Sorry" i was trapped in a box full of spikes closing in like they was about to squish me. Then it stopped. I got warped to another place. I was in a grave and my package was a skeleton. I came out of the grave and what was there was a graveyard. The grave that i came out of was the same grave as before but i saw a severed hand next to my grave. There was a cursor drew on to that hand. I left then that's the end.