Back in 2013, I made 2 accounts. They were darkings248, and creepycraft. I mostly played on dark. (darkings248) I was play SFOTH, as I was using an older computer, since my computer broke. Suddenly, creepycraft joined. I was thinking huh? cause I didn't tell anyone about creepycraft. I thought it was hacked, and kept going. "Stop, dark." I stopped. I did the ghostwalker-illumina jump glitch, and used the touchstone. I typed "What?" I left shortly, after the sword sound kept repeating. I decided to leave. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up, I ate, and then got onto Roblox. My computer was fixed, and so I was playing one of the Bloody Mary games. I got jumpscared, and left. (I don't handle jumpscares too well) I then joined Natural Disaster Survival. I was in a new server, and I was alone. I expected people to join, but none joined. Then a disaster was called. The map was Creepycraft Hollows. I was freaked out, since I played a week ago, and Creepycraft Hollows was never called. The skybox was red, and it looked like the racetrack map, but in the 1st place stand was creepycraft. 1 person joined. I won't say his name, but he said "wut is dis map" I replied "Idk" Then he said "NOO" and then he left. In the lobby thing, he looked like he was getting flung inside a small box. He left when he fell off the map. I left as well. I then played Brickbattle: Waterfall Fortress. I joined a full server, and then insta-died. Nothing hit me. I looked around, and decided to rocket-snipe a guy on the window. I hit him, then my moniter died. Then it started flickering blue, green, and red. There was darker parts of the flicker, and i found out that that was the outline my Roblox avatar. And then I decided this creepypasta sucks, and I won't continue it.

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