This story has an awkward origin. Perhaps an origin that may annoy older siblings. The origin is a sandbox game. Roblox. I was reading through the Roblox forums, bored out of my mind, I found a forum with the title "DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IN ROBLOX STUDIO". I opened the forum and saw a link. I clicked on the link and it brought me to a picture of a screenshot of someones place on Roblox opened in studio mode, looking down on some grass terrain with strange insignias. I then happened to notice that the image file downloaded to my computer. Fortunately there were no viruses found within the file. I closed the tab of the picture on accident. I tried to reopen the link, but I got a 404. Since I had the picture downloaded, I opened it up and got it back. To my suprise, the insigmias in the grass were really words in another language, presumably Spanish. It read with bad handwriting "LA BRUJA OVNI". I went on Google Translate and immediately typed in the words. It was detected as Spanish, like I thought, and the words meant "The Witches Ufo". Strange, since a witch has no relation with Ufo's as they are usually classified as alien stereotypes. I went back on the Roblox forum and it read "Whatever you do, WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT WRITE IN THE WORDS IN THE TERRAIN IN ROBLOX STUDIO FOUND IN THE PICTURE LINK ABOVE AND BUILD A PENTAGON AROUND IT. PLEASE, GOD DO NOT DO IT!!" I chuckled, and to my ignorance and stupidity, I did it. I created a new place and grabbed the stamper tool and set it to concrete and wrote the words "LA BRUJA OVNI" in the terrain. I then proceeded to build a large pentagon around it and nothing happened. I thought I might get an achievement from Roblox or something. But nothing. I left my screen like that and went with my family to see a movie. A few hours later, we came home, and too my shock, my screen was pitch black with only three red words in a font I have never seen before. "La Bruja Ovni". I was so frightened and thought I was hacked, that I was being watched by some weirdo by my webcam. But my webcam was off. In fact, my whole computer was off. I was dumbfounded, as how could this text appear with no power. I tried everything to turn on my computer. Nothing, not even when I plugged it it to the charger (it was a laptop). This text seemed

RobloxScreenShot12252014 125210661

to be engraved in the screen. I was so shocked and came to a retarded conclusion that I got a virus and it caused heat to engrave the text onto my plastic screen. My computer just seemed to have died. I was inspecting it for a couple of months when strange things started happening. I'd be home alone when I'd hear the X-Files theme song coming from the living room, as if someone were watching it on TV. I checked and obviously found nothing there. I thought I was losing my mind. One day I went absolutely crazy, I happened to fall down my house's staircase which led to hospital time. I remember so little from that time, but something happened there that I will never forget. When my doctors came to check on me, I could have sworn that one of them said in a raspy voice "You should have listened, well La Bruja Ovni was released.", and beside him, a being, which in this case I would consider a witch. I thought about what he said and finally figured it out. I released a witch, one that was trapped in Roblox Studio for years. The words that I may never forget. La Bruja Ovni.

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