I slowly woke up, feeling quite miserble. There was school today, which meant I was gonna waste 7 hours of my life there. I got out of bed fast, because my parents would just yell at me if I stay in bed longer. I ate cereal, packed up, and slowly walked outside to my bus stop. Throughout the entire day, all I was thinking of was the internet. I ignored my teachers, who were constantly waving their grades in my face, calling me arrogant, and I survived another day. Because the next day was a meeting for teachers, there was no homework.

I immediately got on the internet, and went on ROBLOX. My teakettle was white, but this was a common glitch with ROBLOX. I shrugged it off, and went on the forums. About to forum, I received a party invite from one of my friends. It felt kinda strange, because he was offline, but I accepted it. I asked on the chatbox "Hello," but he seemed not to respond. It was quite eerie with the fact that my friend managed to party me offline, and seemed not to respond.

4 minutes have passed, and it still said "The party leader is searching for a game..." I was quite pissed off at this, as I was really wanting to forum. I would leave the party, but I'm that type of person who usually does whatever my friend wants when they want it.

The damn chatbox still said that the leader was searching for a game. As much as I wanted to play with my friend, I've decided that I was gonna leave the party. It felt like a second before I clicked the exit button when a new ROBLOX window came on my screen and said "Requesting game."

I was happy that he finally chose, but it took a good 3 minutes before the requesting game changed to "ROBLOX University." I HATED that game. Online daters everywhere, people who can't even RP. Though my friend loved the game, and seemed to want to play it. I accepted the fact that I was gonna play it with him, and shrugged off the offline bug like if it were a glitch, and my friend not responding like if he was searching for a game.

When the game finally loaded, my assets weren't even close to loaded, so I couldn't do anything. I've seen nobody on the leaderboard, possibly meaning that I would be the first one in, or that it was a VIP server and he had some lag problem delaying him. It was also night in the sky of the game. I wasn't ever a first player in any server, so I don't know anything about what happenes when you're first.

I've decided to pass time by running around the lonely server. I've noticed that the day/night cycle was changing a lot more quicker than usual, and that all of the teams on the leaderboard seemed to vanish. I've chatted "Hello?" just for the hell of it, when another person, who had a username just like my friend's, said "friend."

I thought that my friend was finally coming on. I've started to wonder why nobody else was on the server. I looked on the leaderboard, and my friend's username was on there. I immediately asked him "Did you need me?"

Silence seemed to take over. There was no music after I asked him if he needed me. I went back to the front of the university, where my friend was standing. Eventually, there were some quiet wind sounds, and leaves were falling across the map. I could eventually hear wind chimes, before snow started covering the place. I noticed my computer calender was set to December 31st.

Eventually, my friend started walking to me, and walked so close to me, almost in contact with me. He said "The more you struggle to know, the worse it'll get." I was wondering what he meant, so I asked him "What are you talking about?"

He then said "Violence is the only answer." before coming into contact with me, flinging me out of the map, killing my robloxian. My game exited afterwards, leaving me in shock. I went to the servers of ROBLOX University, to see that I was in a VIP server named ROBLOX is all that's left.

I've started feeling shock. I've been trying to know what was going on for a while, and it did make it worse. He eventually said that the more I try to know, the worse it'll get, and yet I still tried to know. He eventually flung my robloxian off, making it die, and then making my fucking game exit.

I've noticed that his last seen was December 31st, 2004. This was honestly quite weird, since ROBLOX wasn't released for beta until 2005, and all 2005ers and under were set to 2/27/2006. I've noticed that he wasn't on my friends list either.

Later on, I got a group invite message, and below that, I saw my the person's message, and I wasn't even aware of it. The date it was sent was December 35th 2017. I knew that this couldn't have been a glitch, and I read it. It said "You know way too much now."

Message for pasta

the message

I didn't know what he was talking about, and I put the message in archive. Chills went down my spine when I realized that the game wasn't even in my recent places.

Could VIP servers have some dark secret to them? I've learned that it's good to be wary with your friends. You never know what they could do later on. Could could be haunted for life. You could possibly get yourself injured or even killed. For all I know, I won't recklessly do whatever my friend wants me to do all of the time anymore.

--Randomnoob48888 (talk) 00:04, July 25, 2016 (UTC)

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