Do you ever here knocking sounds when you play roblox? If so then you're being taken by her. And if you hear them, I advise you to quit playing. You see, if you hear knocking sounds and play three games after it, you will be forced to watch a video of a woman being forced to do horrific things and then be killed.

Then, the next time you use roblox, you will see her screaming at you and then you will die right at the computer. However, some are lucky enough to just disappear. It is unknown what happens to these people, but some say they get thrown into hell by Satan. And if you want to see these things, which I beg you do not, there is a way to summon the knocking.


Step 1: Equip the shaggy and stage prop hat on your character.

Step 2: Go into random games saying "Knock Knock, you're next" Then leave.

Step 3: Message random people saying "Knock Knock, your turn"

Step 4: Go into any game and if you hear the knocking you've done it.


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